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STERNS supports autism research and encourages you to join the battle

STERNS supports Autism Research and encourages you to join the fight

*STERNS is not a franchised dealer. STERNS specializes in resale of exotic and premium cars. We typically operate as an advisor for all transactions and collect a consulting fee from the client, vendor or both. Copyrights for all vehicle designs and logos are property of their respective brands.

STERNS Automotive Strategies - OUR STAFF

 - Jeff Sterns Business Background

 - Jeff Sterns Personal Background

 - Tom LaPointe Background  
STERNS - multi generational 'Car Guys'


Jeff Sterns family

I was born, raised and educated in Detroit, Michigan. My father was very involved in the antique and collectible automobile business, so I literally grew up in the car industry.
In 1978, my father sold his company and the family moved to Clearwater, Florida. My dad says he did it to keep his sons out of the automobile industry. It didn’t help. I loved cars and I was hooked.

After completing my education, I began my career with a pre-owned auto Jeff's early days in the car bizdealer and learned all the nuances of the business. In 1986, I joined a large Ford dealership as a salesperson and was later promoted to Business Manager.

My success advanced my opportunities and I accepted a sales position with America’s largest Lincoln-Mercury dealership. After selling for three years, I spent six years as New Car Sales Manager and we broke sales records each year for Lincoln-Mercury.

In August 1997, I joined Dimmitt Dad, Dave Sterns, on the lotCadillac/Land Rover as General Sales Manager.
Dimmitt subsequently became a dealership for Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Lotus and I was promoted again, this time to Director of Operations for Dimmitt Luxury Motorcars, now the fastest growing high-line automobile dealer in America.

I recently left Dimmitt to pursue my own ambitions, but not before leaving the dealership with some impressive sales accomplishments: the nation's 4th largest in new Bentley and Lotus sales, the 2nd largest new Rolls-Royce dealer in the eastern United States and the largest authorized retailer of pre-owned Roll-Royce and Bentley automobiles.

Of course, now I can proudly report that I have founded Sterns Automotive Strategies. I can honestly say that no one in the luxury automotive business will work harder to satisfy you.



Jeff's sons, Max and JacksonJeff's grandfather, Charlie, was a tool-and-die man for the industry and his grandfather, George, was an engineer for Ford Motor Company. Jeff’s father, Dave, was an antique and collectable automobile dealer.

Jeff’s favorite thing to do while growing up was going to work with Dad. At age 6, he thought that his job description was honking the oooo-ga horn of a 1925 Oakland or old model A until the battery was merely a memory!

Jeff liked his father’s low-pressure approach to selling. If it was summer, Dad would tell prospective customer where the keys were to an inventory car without getting up from the hood of the car he was sunning himself on, sometimes shirtless. This was the mid ‘60s and an expensive car might have been $1295, but usually the entire inventory didn’t break $4000! Dad was a popular local guy who loaned cars to the city for parades such as 4th of July and made many deals on a handshake.

In order to offer his sons a better life and to ensure their becoming real citizens like, say, veterinarians or CPAs, he set off with them to Florida in the late 70s. At least he gets to brag about Jeff’s brother, Michael, who is now a children’s book author: grasshopperdreams.com. Jeff, on the other hand, had gasoline running through his veins already.

Sterns Family

Photo Album

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Dawn, Max, Jeff Sterns at Autism Speaks walkathon

Dawn, Max & Jeff Sterns at Autism Speaks walkathon

Jackson & Max Sterns hangin'

Jackson & Max Sterns

Jeff and Jackson at the Lowry Park Zoo

Jeff and Jackson Sterns at the Lowery Park Zoo

Jackson Sterns in a Mini Cooper S Convertible

Car freak Jackson Sterns in the driver seat of a MINI Cooper S convertible

Danielle wedding

Longtime STERNS client and NBA referee Kenny Mauer marries jeff's Sister-in-law , Danielle!

Danielle wedding


Tom LaPointe - Car GuyThe grandson of an automotive factory worker, Tom grew up in Michigan near the Motor City and finished high school in Fernley, Nevada. He spent seven years in the Marine Corps as a writer and editor, winning many awards for photography, writing and editing. In addition to his work with STERNS since 2005, he is an automotive book author and freelance automotive writer for several publications.

Tom in Korea during Marine Corps daysWhat led me to the auto industry is simply this: he loves cars. He has raced stock cars and sports cars and competed in Land Rover off-road competitions in Vermont and Colorado. He has worked as a pit official for the 24 Hours of Daytona and 12 Hours of Sebring, and a pit crewman for Indy car and a Hooters Pro Cup stock car races. He has served as a manager of both sales and service for one the largest luxury car groups in the world.

He enjoy crawling an off-road vehicle through the most severe obstacles as much as heel-toeing sports cars into hairpin turns!

LaPointe Family

Photo Album

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Tom with wife (Barbra) and son (Kyle)  - sunrise over Tampa Bay 2005.

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